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Happy Manor is located in Gaoshu township, Pingtung country. Also known as the hometown of Shi-Shi-Gong.We are close to…Maolin National Scenic Area, Sandimen Township, Glass Suspension Bridge, Saijia flight, Liangshan Fall, and Daijin Fall.
Slow down, relax, redefine the distance between you and nature. Here you could enjoy the purest happiness with Happy Manor.



Happy Manor was first a private resort of The Hsias. However, after spending a long time with this place, we are fully in love with this place, and deeply hope to share the “good” and the “happiness” with you.
For the travelers who are always busy with work and life. Welcome to Happy Manor, feel the tranquility and happiness.


倘若您對旅途或行程有任何疑問,歡迎電洽 0937-326788、0931-805985或08-7958380 屏東幸福莊園庭園民宿。

Happy Manor is legal B&B, recognized by Tourism Bureau, member of Taiwan Host Association and Special Agro-tourism Spots Certified. We provide comfortable accommodation and nature-loving event space, also various cultural and farming activities. Here is the best choice for you to hold family, friends and company's party.
There is also the union called “High Tree(Gaoshu) Goods”, which is comprised of B&B, organic farm, cocoa garden, coffee store…etc. We have designed various interesting activities and tour for you.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.